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Rivardo Membership Plan

Rivardo Membership Plan

Welcome to our Rivardo Membership Plan!

This simple, affordable personalized dental plan has been designed specifically for those with no dental insurance or do not have coverage through their current insurance policy for a procedure recommended by Dr. Rivardo. This is like any other discount plan available on the market only this plan was created specifically for the needs of our patients for a 15-40% discount off our regular office fees or “UCR” (Usual, Customary and Reasonable). These are fees that general dentists in this geographical area charge to insurance companies and to those who have no dental insurance.

How does it work? The initial fee of $125 buys you the rights to these discounted fees for a one-year time-period and will begin the day you decide this is the plan for you. This yearly fee will drop to a flat rate fee of $75 each year after. Family discounts will be $125 for the first patient and $100 for each additional family member; every family member will be charged a flat rate fee of $75 each year after.

When the decision has been made this is the right plan for you, you will be given a fee schedule so you will know what will be owed at each appointment.

What are some positive benefits to this plan?

  • No paying for a plan you do not understand
  • No maximum limitations for a benefit year
  • No waiting periods
  • No waiting for pre-authorizations to be finalized
  • No payment processing delays
  • No deductibles
  • No claim delays or denials

**New patient special: Comprehensive dental exam, full mouth set of x-rays, teeth cleaning $155

Fee Schedule

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